Require Documents for Death Claim

  1. Application from the nominee
  2.  Claim Forms ( 3 Forms )
  3.  Policy Document
  4.  Death Certificate From Doctor (MBBS) / Hospital/ Clinic
  5. Age Proof if not admitted
  6. Treatment papers of the deceased
  7. Death Certificate from UP Chairman
  8. Burial Certificate
  9. One Photograph of Nominee

In case of Accidental Death, following additional documents are required:
For Accidental / Unnatural death then GD entry copy, FIR, Post Mortem/ Autopsy report etc. If not done postmortem, then it is required a permission copy of dead body buried without postmortem from magistrate or authority of concerned Thana.

In case of death in Abroad, following additional documents are required:
Policy Owner died in abroad then Death Certificate from that country, Photocopy of Passport, NOC, Air way bill, Dead body released copy, Embalming & sealing certificate and other related papers.

Form Download

NB: Company can ask any additional information & requirements if necessary